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Stewart Title’s protection is sought by all types of lending institutions in the residential and commercial lending markets.

Some of the world’s leading banks use our services. These institutions believe that lending transactions which are title insured with Stewart Title have the optimum combination of streamlined processing and enhanced lender protection.

Title insurance enhances the lending process as risks are re-allocated to Stewart Title thereby minimising the lender’s exposure to loss which it can potentially suffer due to the existence of certain defects when the lender is required to realise on its security.

Stewart Title offers the following products to mortgage lenders:

Residential Lender Policy
Commercial Lender Policy

Stewart Title is not a mortgage processing or settlement company. We stick to what we are experts in – title insurance.

By combining underwriting, risk and claims management with the industry specific knowledge of our team and a program customised to the lender’s needs we drive the following benefits for a lender’s business:

Greater certainty Peace of mind that the mortgage security is enforceable due to our standard cover and custom underwriting which can be provided as risks arise
Reduce the number of searches Less diligence can be performed without increasing risk due to the cover that is provided under our policies
Reduced costs through increased efficiency Increased efficiencies are achieved through the reduced searches and utilisation of our technology solutions

In addition to these benefits, Stewart Title has made a commitment to waive any rights and remedies or relief to which we become entitled in our policies by way of subrogation against the lender’s panel solicitors and/or settlement agents.

Stewart Title also offers protection to purchasers and existing owners of residential properties. If a borrower takes out a title insurance policy on their property, the lender can obtain a lender policy at a nominal fee.

For further information on how title insurance can benefit your business as a mortgage lender please contact us.