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Title insurance is a specialised type of insurance providing protection to purchasers and homes owners against risks in the real estate transaction that may affect the ownership or use of their property.

Clients look to you as their representative to provide advice in respect of the risks to which they are exposed. Typically, this advice is limited to matters disclosed in the Contract of Sale or that are discoverable by the searches and enquiries you make.

Sometimes it is impractical or impossible to search the records of the local council or relevant authority in relation to particular issues. It is also often the case that clients elect not to make certain enquiries or are unable to do so. This means that many of the practical risks are assumed by the purchaser or owner of a property and may fall outside the safety of the Torrens system.

The protection under a title insurance policy is broad, providing cover for title and property related defects. Title insurance is therefore an effective solution which eases the risk exposure of your clients, and in turn your practice, in the conveyancing transaction.

Stewart Title insurance is different from other kinds of insurance because:

Stewart Title offers the following products to purchasers and owners of real estate:

Residential Purchaser Policy
Residential Strata Purchaser Policy
Commercial Purchaser Policy

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For full details on premiums, refer to a Premium Schedule.

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