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The Stewart Title Commercial Lender Policy indemnifies the lender where the loan goes into default and there is a loss in relation to covered risks on realisation of the security.

The Commercial Lender Policy can be utilised for lending against properties that are zoned commercial, industrial, retail and mixed use.

For a one time premium indemnity is provided for the principal amount of the mortgage until the mortgage is discharged.

Lenders are covered for actual loss caused by risks such as:

For full details relating to our standard cover refer to the Product Information Sheet and the Commercial Lender Policy.

Stewart Title has the expertise to handle all of the lender’s commercial transaction requirements. Custom underwriting is provided as risks arise to tailor the policy to suit the lender’s particular needs and allow the transaction to proceed with certainty.

In addition to covering the actual loss suffered by a lender, Stewart Title will also pay all costs, legal fees and expenses associated with defending proceedings based on covered risks or with respect to defending the validity or priority of the insured mortgage. These payments are in addition to payments made with respect to any loss that the lender may suffer.