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Risk Management Toolkit for Solicitors & ConveyancersRisk Management Toolkit for Solicitors & Conveyancers
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Stewart Title’s unwavering business philosophy is to partner with the legal and conveyancing professions and support you in offering comprehensive protection to purchasers and home owners in the conveyancing transaction. We do this not only by underwriting risk, but also by striving to develop initiatives to help strengthen your role in the transaction.

StewartCONNECT is a program offered by Stewart Title which enables solicitors and conveyancers to offer clients the comprehensive protection of Stewart Title policies. It also allows you to easily incorporate title insurance as a risk management tool into current conveyancing practice and procedures without transforming them.

The program provides those solicitors and conveyancers that offer title insurance to their clients with a competitive advantage in what is a highly competitive industry by offering a value added service to clients.

In order to offer clients the comprehensive protection Stewart Title policies provide we invite you to become a member of StewartCONNECT.

Members of StewartCONNECT are representatives of Stewart Title and are therefore exempt from financial services legislation licensing requirements.

Benefits of StewartCONNECT

StewartCONNECT members receive the following benefits:

  • receipt of a processing fee on each title insurance policy issued in recognition of time spent in ordering a policy;
  • members can choose not to receive a fee and instead pass on the benefit to their clients as a reduced premium;
  • exclusive access to an online Risk Management Toolkit which provides tools and supporting material that can be used to integrate Stewart Title’s solution into current procedures;
  • provision of initial and ongoing training by our professional team to all conveyancing practice staff to enhance professional skills in dealing with title insurance; and
  • ability to integrate Stewart Title insurance into current conveyancing practice on a non-exclusive basis.

Waiver & Indemnity

In partnering with solicitors and conveyancers to make our protection available to purchasers and home owners, we have made a commitment to waive any rights and remedies or relief to which we become entitled in our policies by way of subrogation against you, where a claim arises as a result of your negligence.

Stewart Title also indemnifies StewartCONNECT members where your client brings a claim against you with respect to a matter that would be covered under our policies (up to the limit of cover provided).

The waiver and indemnity is subject to a number of conditions. Please contact us on 1800 300 440 for further information.

For further information on becoming a StewartCONNECT member, contact a member of our Business Development Team or download a copy of our brochure.