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Ordering a Policy for Property Purchasers & OwnersOrdering a Policy for Property Purchasers & Owners
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Stewart Title insurance policies can be arranged through one of our member solicitors or conveyancers, or you can apply directly to Stewart Title. Please enquire with your solicitor or conveyancer whether they can arrange a policy for you.

Please note that a member solicitor or conveyancer acts as our representative solely for the purpose of providing advice in relation to, and arranging for the issue of Stewart Title insurance policies.

If your solicitor or conveyancer cannot arrange a policy, you can submit an application directly to Stewart Title.

A Residential Purchaser Policy should be applied for prior to settlement. Download an Order Form here.

Confirmation of your order will be provided prior to settlement so that you can proceed with the transaction with certainty. Once we receive your premium and notification that settlement has occurred, a policy will be issued to you.

A Residential Existing Owner Policy can be applied for at any time after settlement or during your ownership. Download an Order Form here.

If you have any questions regarding how to complete an Order Form please contact our Customer Service Team.