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Making a claim with Stewart Title is easy and hassle free.

There is no excess payable on claims and we have a no fault claims process which means that the insured does not have to prove fault or negligence, they only need to prove that they have suffered actual loss based on the cover that the policy provides.

When the insured becomes aware of a potential claim, they must notify our Claims Department as soon as possible (and prior to incurring any costs) by completing our Claim Form.

The insured should provide any documentation relevant to their claim together with the Claim Form, such as the Contract of Sale, relevant reports, Council orders or notices, certificates etc.

Once we have decided to cover the claim, we will determine how to resolve the claim. A number of options may be considered including payment of the loss sustained by the insured, negotiating a settlement, litigation to prosecute or defend a case.

Whatever way we resolve a claim, we pride ourselves on resolving claims promptly and efficiently to ensure that we provide excellent claims management and service.

In the event of a valid claim against the Residential Purchaser Policy or Residential Existing Owner Policy, Stewart Title will reimburse rental charges for an equivalent property if the insured cannot use the property as their home because of circumstances insured under the policies. The rental charges will continue to be reimbursed until the cause of the claim is resolved.

Stewart Title has an outstanding claims paying ability which can be attributed not only to our financial strength but also to our experienced people, efficient claims procedure and a commitment to quick claims resolution.

In Australia, Stewart Title Limited is regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) and its underwriting risks are reinsured with its parent company.

To make a claim, download a Claim Form or contact our Claims Department on 1300 552 975.

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