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Ordering a Policy for Mortgage LendersOrdering a Policy for Mortgage Lenders
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Stewart Title has focused on technological solutions to ensure that title insurance can be integrated seamlessly into a lenders specific mortgage processing program and delivered in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Title insurance can be ordered in either of the following ways.

Web-Based Ordering System

This system is a custom designed online processing application tool for lenders.

The system allows the lender or its panel solicitor or settlement agent to complete a title insurance application in a secure online environment.

We provide training at the commencement and on a continuing basis for new staff.

Electronic Data Exchange

Stewart Title understands the advantages that are gained through the use of technological solutions which allow transaction data to be transferred electronically.

The Lending Industry XML Initiative (LIXI) has led the way in Australia in defining the standard for electronic data exchange within the industry. Stewart Title has adopted the LIXI standard for title insurance transactions.

Technical assistance is provided as part of our service for lenders wishing to setup their title insurance service provision via electronic data transfer.

For more information on how title insurance can be introduced seamlessly into your existing lender program please contact us.